Thursday, 26 June 2014

Consumer Guarantees Act

WALT:Plan our explanation

Next Step:To spell correctly in my writing

The consumer guarantees act is the laws about purchasing things and/or selling things.

We have it because we want to stop people getting ripped off and being able to get a refund.

I am going to explain the effects on the consumers and businesses when someone breaks the consumer guarantees act.

In the ergobaby case many of the consumer guarantees act was broken.

One of these was the goods have to be of acceptable quality this broken because the buckle on the baby carrier was faulty, now the baby will be in danger.

Also the product has to be fit for purpose but it was not because buckle unclips, she will possibly have to buy another baby carrier.

Consumers have the right to redress but they changed the website when the consumers purchased now the buisness will have a bad name (ergobaby).

Consumers should nto be tricked or lied to buying goods or services thanks to the fake ergobaby they will now think the real ergobaby is a lie.

Overall, the fake ergobaby has broken many of the consumer guarantees act ( goods of acceptable quality,fit for purpose, right to redress and not to be tricked or lied to.)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Faulty Baby Carrier

WALT:I can include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation. And I can use surface features in a well structured piece of writing.
My next step:Is to use that plan in my explanation.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My art

WALT:draw in perspective 

In my art I used light blue for my sky dark blue for my mountains grey and black for my road brown and green for my trees black for my fences and I mixed brown and green for my grass.

My next step is: to work on my fences and do them brown and not go out of lines.