Wednesday, 28 May 2014


WALT: Elaborate our ideas.

It was early in morning. I woke up and thought it's just another normal day, then I remembered we're going Auckland I was instantly very happy.

 After a fast breakfast, we went to the airport and boarded the plane. We looked out the plane window as we took off very fast down the runway.

We were in the air higher and higher we went, 45 minutes later we landed. I could already see the SKY TOWER!. I was bursting with excitement. I can't wait to go there I thought "we are going tomorrow" said dad. My brother and I yelled "YAY!". 

Now it's time for SKY TOWER! It's 7:00 pm and we're ready to look down a long way from the top so we go in the entrance and up a huge elevator with a see through floor. We look down and we see the ground get further and further away. Finally we are at the top. There is a glass floor, we are so high. I asked dad if we could go up to the next floor but he said "no we are not going any higher". "DAMNIT" we said, we got a drink of water from the restaurant. Sadly we had to go back down the giant elevator and drive back to the apartment.

I woke up in the morning dreaming about the skytower.

We go to the airport with all our bags, we get on the plane and watching it take off again. I keep on thinking of the Sky Tower and it feels like we are flying to Auckland again. I wish we were! 

The next few mornings  I think about waking up and going to Auckland again,especially the Sky Tower I hope we can go again...

                                                                THE END!

Next steps: To improve my spelling.

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